31 Dec Advanced PRF Workshop – April 29st

Advanced PRF Workshop PDF

Our Advanced PRF Workshop is coming up soon on April 29st, 2016.

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to register make sure to do that now!

Platelet Rich Fibrin is a technology introduced by Dr. Joseph Choukroun and researched by Dr. David Dohan in 2006. Refined protocol such as PRGF (Anitua, E) and L-PRF (Miller, R) have enhanced the technology, each claiming superiority. This has led to misunderstanding and confusion. Current third party research has evaluated and concluded on the advantages and disadvantages of each system. This program will assist in understanding each protocol and dispel any myths and misconceptions. It will also instruct on proper clinical applications of PRF and introduce you to the most advanced procedures in this field, including “PRF Block” applications (Jan 2016)

You will learn:

  1. The science and differences between the three leading PRF protocols – L-PRF, A-PRF, and PRGF
  2. Which protocol is best suited for the management of different surgical event
  3. Understand the fabrication and clinical use for the most recent PRF protocols – PRF Block grafts
  4. How to harvest and use autologous Thrombin to set particulate grafts in surgery
  5. Clinical applications for both hard tissue and soft tissue procedures – including socket grafts,
    direct & indirect sinus grafts, horizontal and vertical bone grafts and gingival augmentation
  6. Techniques to enhance gingival regeneration following tooth extraction
  7. Techniques to significantly reduce surgical complications
  8. Venepuncture, taught by a certified Phlebotomist
  9. Laboratory management of PRF products.


To Register call 1-604-868-9700 or email info@pacificinstitute.co

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Excellent presentation! Great to have experienced this format. i.e. didactic, followed by hands-on clinic. All information has tremendous practical relevance. I look forward to the next course.
Dr. Richard Busse, DMDVancouver, BC
I have enjoyed the course so much that I am returning for more information! Great mentors!
Dr. BC Nelson, DDSStayton, OR
My production has been a little stagnant, and it took a step up as a direct result of my placing implants!
Dr. BC Nelson, DDSStayton, OR
Wow! What a great teacher! I never knew surgeries could be this clean and precise! Incredible information!
Dr. BC Nelson, DDSStayton, OR
I can’t believe how the surgical principles I learn are applied to other aspects of dentary that ups my whole game!
Dr. BC Nelson, DDSStayton, OR
Participating in your program has proven to be very beneficial. I developed a better understanding of implantology, I am more confident in presenting and delivering treatment, and as a result the numb…
Dr. Rudy Wassenaar, DMDWilliams Lake, BC
Thank you so much … This is by far the most complete course series I have been involved with
Dr. Perry Kreway, DDSKelowna, BC
For those of you considering the Pacific Institute, don’t hesitate! I did not even realize how advanced my skills were.
Dr. Matt Fluegge, DDSWenachee, WA
A great way to grow one’s practice and help many patients is to lean to offer implants as treatment modality. PI is the best place for a dentist to learn surgical placement and restoration of dental…
Bill BlatchfordBlatchford Solutions
Very good intro for a DDS considering whether he/she wants to get involved in implantology. Helps those new to the field as well as helps consolidate knowledge for those already active in the field.
Dr. Tim Nawrot, DDSVegreville, AB
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