Advanced Soft Tissue & Bone Grafting

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Over the years, monocortical block grafts have seen a wide variety of success depending on the graft location and the experience of the clinician. This course emphasizes the management of monocortical block grafts for the posterior mandible and the premaxilla. It also teaches the alveolar ridge expansion graft protocols for the posterior maxilla.

One of the fundamental principles in oral rehabilitations is the fact that the posterior dentition plays a vital role in support and protection of the anterior teeth. As a result, satisfactory and predictable procedures to maintain or re-establish posterior dental support is absolutely essential to the long term health and stability of the dental system specifically, and the stomatognathic system in general. With the loss of mandibular posterior teeth, the residual alveolar process remodels at the expense of the facial bone leaving an inadequate alveolar process for the optimal placement of dental implants.

This session describes the use of monocortical block grafts for both horizontal and vertical bone growth, and the various locations in the human body to harvest autograft material, including the ramus and symphysis of the mandible, hip, tibia and other locations. Special emphasis is given to the post-operative management of these cases, especially those that involve complications of incision line opening. A variety of expansion grafts will be discussed and illustrated, particularly involving the management of the posterior maxilla.

One-on-one hands-on surgical instruction is available to those doctors wishing to bring patients to this course. Auditing doctors will be able to observe these surgeries and may be able to participate as a surgical assistant from time to time. A live demonstration surgery will be viewable by all participants during this course.

The Perioplastic portion of this program is designed for the dentist with experience in surgery. Rationale for treatment and refinement of surgical techniques and skills will be addressed as will specific topics related to gingival management for health and cosmetics for natural and implant retained restorations.

Attention to specific areas of value including criteria for success in basic surgical procedures as well as connective tissue grafts, gingival augmentation, gingival sculpting, and papillae management.

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For those of you considering the Pacific Institute, don’t hesitate! I did not even realize how advanced my skills were.
Dr. Matt Fluegge, DDSWenachee, WA
I have enjoyed the course so much that I am returning for more information! Great mentors!
Dr. BC Nelson, DDSStayton, OR
A great way to grow one’s practice and help many patients is to lean to offer implants as treatment modality. PI is the best place for a dentist to learn surgical placement and restoration of dental…
Bill BlatchfordBlatchford Solutions
My production has been a little stagnant, and it took a step up as a direct result of my placing implants!
Dr. BC Nelson, DDSStayton, OR
Thank you so much … This is by far the most complete course series I have been involved with
Dr. Perry Kreway, DDSKelowna, BC
Excellent presentation! Great to have experienced this format. i.e. didactic, followed by hands-on clinic. All information has tremendous practical relevance. I look forward to the next course.
Dr. Richard Busse, DMDVancouver, BC
Wow! What a great teacher! I never knew surgeries could be this clean and precise! Incredible information!
Dr. BC Nelson, DDSStayton, OR
I can’t believe how the surgical principles I learn are applied to other aspects of dentary that ups my whole game!
Dr. BC Nelson, DDSStayton, OR
Very good intro for a DDS considering whether he/she wants to get involved in implantology. Helps those new to the field as well as helps consolidate knowledge for those already active in the field.
Dr. Tim Nawrot, DDSVegreville, AB
Participating in your program has proven to be very beneficial. I developed a better understanding of implantology, I am more confident in presenting and delivering treatment, and as a result the numb…
Dr. Rudy Wassenaar, DMDWilliams Lake, BC
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