Oral Implantology Fellowship

Program Overview

The Pacific Institute for Advanced Dental Education’ Oral Implantology Fellowship will provide the participants with the abilities to recognize, treatment plan and preform essential implant treatment comfortably. The clinicians will become knowledgeable in the essential aspects of implant prosthetics. Furthermore, basic & advanced surgical aspects of implant dentistry and bone grafting will be addressed and preformed.


Key Points

  • 28 days and over 280 CE hours
  • Hands-on LIVE patient training
  • Hands-on computer-guided implant surgery on live patients
  • Advanced surgical-prosthetic complication & management
  • Hands-on training on human cadaver specimens
  • Hands-on workshops with models and pig jaws
  • Live demonstration surgeries
  • Lecture / didactic components
  • At home readings, videos, tests and other assignments
  • Option to bring live patients or have patients provided


Schedule & Curriculum

CORE Implant Training

CORE 1: Implant Tx Planning & Restorations
CORE 2: Implant Surgery & Treatment
CORE 3: Atraumatic Extraction & Bone Grafting

These sessions give doctors an understanding of what implant dentistry is capable of achieving, as well as how to evaluate the quality of the surgical prosthetic results for their patients. Current science and research is used to build the foundation by which you will make clinical choices in both surgery and prosthetic phases of treatment.

Since long-term implant supported prosthetics has a direct correlation with optimal management of occlusal forces and the degree to which those forces are magnified by the prosthetics, the biomechanical sciences and their application are extensively reviewed. Differences between the maintenance of natural teeth and implant teeth are examined as well as the differences in their maintenance protocols.

This program series is also designed as an introduction to surgery for dentists. Emphasis is placed on bringing the dentist up to speed and comfortable with incisions, flap management, closures, and controlling the surgical environment. Equipment, materials, and techniques used for these purposes will be discussed. Some of the procedures taught are atraumatic extractions, ridge maintenance grafting, augmenting minor bone defects and the placement of root form implants. All procedures will be performed with strict adherence to surgical sterility and asepsis protocols, which will be taught to attending CDA’s and their doctors.


Advanced Oral Implantology

A1: Live Implant Surgery & PRF
A2: Direct & Indirect Sinus Grafting
A3: Advanced Soft Tissue & Bone Grafting

The Pacific Institute for Advanced Dental Education’s Advanced Programs will provide the clinician with a greater surgical skill set to use in their practice. The full complement of these courses will provide the clinician with knowledge and skills to manage almost all surgical cases that present for treatment in today’s dental implant practice. In addition to the specific clinical procedures, a strong emphasis will be placed on understanding healing complication for all procedures and techniques to successfully manage those complications.


Special Programs

S1: Advanced Restorations
S2: Advanced Surgical Complication Management
S3: Applied Head & Neck Anatomy – Cadaver Course

“I recently came from back-to-back courses at world renowned Implant Institute in FL. It was absolutely excellent! I took his Advanced Soft Tissue Grafting and Advanced Bone Grafting. The biggest thing I learned was how great my education with Ron Zokol was! At one point we were discussing bio active modifiers and he asked who had experience with PRF. I was the only person using it which got a weird look from the class, until our instructor spent 5 min asking me about results, protocol, and my thoughts. He then said he was going to start using it. We then discussed PRP at higher base values which no one else even knew of. At lunch, several oral surgeons asked me to share the details with them. At one point someone said, “Whoa, wait are you a restorative dentist? Where did you do your training?” They each in turn said I was light years ahead of most oral surgeons (in implantology). For those of you considering the Pacific Institute, don’t hesitate! I did not even realize how advanced my skills were until this week. I certainly learned a lot and have top respect for this current instructor, but as a GP I would not recommend his course. He assumes too much knowledge. A couple oral surgeons were lost at many points. With Ron, we started with perfecting our surgical set-ups, the biology of it all, the very basics. Then we worked up to advanced procedures, which I can now say were nothing short of what the top oral surgeons teach. In essence he built us from the ground up, and I will forever be thankful for his wisdom and kindness. Again, for anyone considering taking Ron’s courses, DO IT! You will not regret the decision. (I’m not endorsed, by the way.)”

Dr. Matt Fluegge, DDS
Wenachee, WA

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A great way to grow one’s practice and help many patients is to lean to offer implants as treatment modality. PI is the best place for a dentist to learn surgical placement and restoration of dental…
Bill BlatchfordBlatchford Solutions
I can’t believe how the surgical principles I learn are applied to other aspects of dentary that ups my whole game!
Dr. BC Nelson, DDSStayton, OR
Thank you so much … This is by far the most complete course series I have been involved with
Dr. Perry Kreway, DDSKelowna, BC
Excellent presentation! Great to have experienced this format. i.e. didactic, followed by hands-on clinic. All information has tremendous practical relevance. I look forward to the next course.
Dr. Richard Busse, DMDVancouver, BC
Wow! What a great teacher! I never knew surgeries could be this clean and precise! Incredible information!
Dr. BC Nelson, DDSStayton, OR
Participating in your program has proven to be very beneficial. I developed a better understanding of implantology, I am more confident in presenting and delivering treatment, and as a result the numb…
Dr. Rudy Wassenaar, DMDWilliams Lake, BC
For those of you considering the Pacific Institute, don’t hesitate! I did not even realize how advanced my skills were.
Dr. Matt Fluegge, DDSWenachee, WA
My production has been a little stagnant, and it took a step up as a direct result of my placing implants!
Dr. BC Nelson, DDSStayton, OR
I have enjoyed the course so much that I am returning for more information! Great mentors!
Dr. BC Nelson, DDSStayton, OR
Very good intro for a DDS considering whether he/she wants to get involved in implantology. Helps those new to the field as well as helps consolidate knowledge for those already active in the field.
Dr. Tim Nawrot, DDSVegreville, AB
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