Driving & Walking

#201-777 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC  V5Z 4J7

The Pacific Institute for Advanced Dental Education is on the north side of the street at the corner of Willow and Broadway, in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Building at 777 West Broadway is noticeable given its green/emerald framing and is located on the third block west of Cambie and Broadway.

Arriving by Transit

The Pacific Institute is very easy to get to from public transit. We are located three blocks west of Cambie and Broadway (a very large transit intersection). If you are taking the Canada Line Skytrain you will want to get off at the “Broadway/City Hall” station and either walk a three blocks west or take either the “99 B-line” or the “9” on north side of the street (kitty-corner to the Skytrain station) up until you reach willow.

Transit from YVR Airport

The YVR Airport Skytrain is the quickest way to get from Vancouver International Airport to Broadway & Cambie with a travel time of only 20 minutes.  You can purchase a ticket at the machines on the station platforms. The cost will be either $7.50 or $8.50 depending on the time of day and day of the week you are purchasing. You will be looking to purchase either a two-zone or all-zone ticket. The first zone counts for Richmond and the second zone counts for Vancouver. Your ticket lasts for 90 minutes after your purchase so please keep it on you and use it for any other transit you would like to do in either zone during that time. The entrance to the Skytrain is located above the covered parking garage at the airport. There are 2 different ways to find the entrance:

Domestic Arrivals (flights arriving from within Canada) – Go up to level 3, then walk towards the International Terminal. Before you get there, you will come to the Link Building which is situated between the domestic and international terminals. Look for the signs that say “Canada Line” and proceed up the escalator (or elevator) to level 4 where there is a covered walkway to the Skytrain Station.

International Arrivals (flights arriving from USA and International) – Make your way up to level 3 and then outside where you will see the covered walkway across the street to the Canada Line Station (Note: If it’s raining heavily, you may prefer to stay indoors and walk an extra couple minutes to the Link Building and access the Skytrain there as describe above in Domestic arrivals).

For additional information please refer to the Canada Line website or TransLink


Given that we are located on Broadway and in the medical corridor of Vancouver, there is very minimal amounts of free parking. You will find parking meters on most streets and 2-hour parking on the others. If you are looking to park for the whole day or the majority of one the best option would be to find a local parking lot.

There are a couple options for parking lots. The building has a parking garage which is accessible from the back ally which you can enter off Willow. The parking garage at 777 West Broadway opens at 7am and goes until 11pm. Parking till 6pm will cost you $14 and parking till 11pm will cost you $18. There is also parking lots at the 2 south corners of the Broadway and Willow intersection.

Additionally there is parking at the Holiday Inn Vancouver-Centre. Please visit their website for more information.

Pacific Institute has now merged with Digital Dentistry Institute and ALL on 4 Doctors.